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About us

For over 20 years Santo Coyote has brought together flavors,
scents, spaces and moments wrapped in magic, culture and
mysticism with the warmth of our people. Visiting our restaurants
is a unique experience full of tradition and meaning
in the spirit of the ancestors.

Each Corner of Santo Coyote tells stories of pride, tradition and the fusion of 2 cultures in “New Mexico” that gave rise to Creole cuisine and our pagan culture. The Sioux Tribes and the Navajo cultures guide you to find what you are looking for in the home of the ancestors.

Santo Coyote’s menu is crafted to showcase the best of ancient Mexican cuisine. You are welcomed with a delicious sauce prepared at your table and your taste profile as a perfect introduction to the delicious recipes curated by Chef Joaquin Rodriguez.

We invite you to experience the world of sensations that a glass of premium tequila gives us. The contact with the gods and the ancient flavors of this delicate art and rich part of our culture.We offer a wide selection of tequila’s and mezcal’s at our bar and retail stores.


Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast has been a custom since pre-Hispanic times and remains one of the most complete meals of the day, linked to the main festivals of honor for the gods. A buffet so varied that it ranges from tacos of stews, barbecue, pastor, quesadillas, gorditas rellenas, tamales and tortas ahogadas to the traditional chilaquiles, eggs to taste and omelletes. Hot coffee and hot chocolate to start the day and light options from our
bar of fresh fruit, yogurt, cold meats and natural juices. Also enjoy a sweet sensation with our freshly made sweet bread, crepes and waffles. Monday to Sunday 08: 00 am to 12:00 pm.

Our Buffet

We offer a great proposal, international buffet like pasta, oriental food, meats, quesadillas, ceviches and aguachiles prepared to the moment and your taste, salads, desserts. We invite you to discover an ideal place to enjoy the wide variety of dishes that our weekend buffet offers, a delicious option to gather as a family surrounded by a beautiful space and warmth. Saturday and Sunday. 1 pm. at 6 p.m.

Our Tequila

We offer the best tequilas such as ARMERO Tequila, Don Julio, Herradura, 7 Leguas ... We also have the largest tequila bottle collection in the world. Come and join us!

Special selection

From our menu

Chicharron "Ten Ten Pie"

"Molcajeteado" at your table: crispy pork rinds, fresh avocado and freshly made tortillas, the perfect taco.

Pumpkin Flowers

Fresh pumpkin flower petals, stuffed with shrimp and mozzarella cheese breaded with a mirror of pasilla chili and chipotle.

Asparagus From "Mother Earth"

Dice on a Parmesan cheese crust a touch of black pepper, seasoned with olive oil, balsamic and toasted peanut slices.

Tacos Del Negro

Freshly made wheat flour tortilla with shrimp and black beans, covered in chipotle chile.

Hongos Conquista

Mushrooms and garlic mushrooms with shrimp, the smooth balance of the seasoning.

Panela “dakota”

Baked with a touch of coriander sauce.

Melted Cheese Casserole

Delicious selection of 3 cheeses to choose from natural, chorizo and mushrooms.

Cheese Greaves

Perfect suggestion: accompany it with freshly made molcajete sauce.

Our Cava

We offer a wide selection of wines in our Cava:
from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, France, Australia,
the United States, Mexico and South Africa. Exquisite selection of wines, sophisticated and aged to compliment our unique fusion of ancient and nuevo Mexican cuisine, that will make you a true wine lover.


We are Mexico




In Santo Coyote Restaurant, we fully understand what the meeting tourism area requires and we join the city's receiving team to give a unique service to congresses, exhibitions, business meetings, openings and press conferences. We also have that your special moments are unforgettable and magical, we have the ability to organize and receive your social events in any of our special areas. With a maximum capacity of 470 people in all our areas, you can choose the space that best suits your event. Graduations, conferences, weddings, baby shower, baptisms and more celebrations.


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